Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Following the Spirit

Dear Family,

Today I would like to talk about something I have learned a lot about: Following the Spirit. I have been studying a lot about what it means to follow the Spirit, what it feels like to follow the Spirit, how to have the Spirit, and how to know if I'm following the Spirit. Answering these questions is something every member of the church with the gift of the Holy Ghost should investigate and answer for themselves. I'm sure it feels a little different for everyone but the miraculous results I believe can be the same.

I used the scriptures and some clues from last conference talks. I can put the talks on my mp3 player and listen! It is really nice while we are getting ready or eating. Anyway, something I took out of both of those sources of all knowledge is that the spirit guides through feeling. It talks about being guided by the thoughts the Lord puts in your heart, not in your mind. O see, how you feel. I have always been pretty good at doing what I feel like doing. When worthy of the spirit, this has led me to much success in high school and at BYU. This same manner of acting how I feel, walking where I feel like walking and saying what I feel like saying is what I am doing here on the mission. I have noticed that walking where I feel like walking here has run us into many members, investigators, and recent converts in the street or on the sidewalk. It is really awesome. That and also I have the confidence that the Lord knows who is in our path in that moment and I have the confidence to talk to them. Doing this we have found many new potential investigators and have algunas citas esta semana con ellos. This same feeling of joy I have as I walk where I feel like and say what I feel, is the same feeling I had at my year at BYU. It is nice to recognize now that I was following and had the guide of the Spirit. Randomly running into friends becomes something more than just a coincidence. My friend Josh Nilsen is here and is in Cuenca, the mountain city. How awesome is that? Learn what it feels like for you to follow the Spirit and life will flow with joy. And when the challanges come you get the chance to grow and change. I have learned of some things I need to change. Also, the scriptures can speak specifically to you. Hermosa experiencas he tenido aquí.

Les quiero mucho,
Elder Johnson

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