Monday, November 7, 2011

Did you bear your Testimony?

¿Como están ustedes? ¿sí me entienden? Les quiero bastante. La verdad es que me parece que yo estaba aquí ayer escribiéndoles. El tiempo vuela, de verdad. Estoy tratando de usar mi tiempo de la manera mejor. Es difícil. Pero es bonita ser guiado por el Espíritu.

I am learning a ton. These two years that I have here will not be put to waste. Thank you for the sacrifices made so that I can be here. I really love you guys. I should have shown it more while I was at home. Hearing that you guys played the "I love you because.." game brought back sweet memories. I am bringing this love that you, my parents, mommy, taught me into the homes of people here. This love that comes from Christ. Mom and Dad, thank you for being the best parents ever. I'm sorry I wasn't always the best son. I am trying my best to represent the two names encima de mi corazón. Johnson y Jesucristo.

It is so amazing to learn about Christ and read his words. What was I using my time for in high school? I should have spent more time in the scriptures. They truly teach of Christ. And it is through them that we get to know Him. Mediante el estudio de las Escrituras conocemos a Cristo. Así es más fácil decir, jaja. Have you ever opened the scriptures with a question and found your answer in the first verse that catches your eye? I have. It leaves you speechless.

We had lunch today with an investigator who is a really good Cristiano. He has a nice little family. He is from Colombia. We were talking and he told us what his pastora told him about us. "They are nice people, but they are dangerous. Their gospel is centered in John Smith." Well, that was a nice statement to testify against. He then told us he had had a dream about two angels coming to his house to take him to heaven. It was interesting. We had him read the last part of the last chapter of 2 Nefi. He was left kind of impacted and said "I don't know what to say. I have to read this book." Pray that he reads. Carlos Gomez se llama.

Church yesterday was nice. Did you guys bear your testimony? I did! Share it proudly, if it needs strength, share what you've got and go get more. The Book of Mormon is true. it's already been proven a billion times over in every aspect. Don't have any fear of sharing that. Perfect love casteth out all fear. You guys should try and get the Liahona from October. Es tremendo.

So at church I was talking to the president of the relief society. She said something really cool to me. She is one of our mamitas and gives us lunch every Thursday. She likes asking me to interpret or give her my opinion on her dreams, haha. She told me she had a dream that I was teaching a full chapel of people, new people that she didn't recognize. How crazy would that be? I have faith, we can do it. The other day we taught a bunch of the neighborhood muchachos in a classroom in the chapel.

My testimony in the scriptures has grown tremendously. You can literally find an answer to any specific question that you have. Just study with the Spirit. There are scriptures and verses that you would never have guessed were worded the way they are. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say. Just study the scriptures every day. ALL of them.

I love you all so much. pray for me to have more strength and faith to work miracles here. And pray for my companion Elder Ludlam.

I love you,
Elder Johnson

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