Monday, October 24, 2011

Sharing the Gospel through word & example...

Me and Elder Ludlam at the temple... 102_0460

Se bautizaron y se confirmaron Karla y Simone Vallejo. Son hermanas de edad 11 y 10. Su mamá es miembro, el papá not yet, y la hermana mayor not yet... 102_0460

Haha, they are a really good family with love in the home so we are going to continue with them. We met them first with Elder Alveño. They were in the house of Hna Vallejo who is our Wednesday Mamita for lunch. The dad is brothers with Hna Vallej's husband. The mom's are cousins. So that was like my first week in the field when we first met them and I just asked the dad in my early spanish if we could visit him and his family. Two months and some struggles later, the two younger daughters were finally baptized. The service was humble. The bishopric wasn't able to come because of an activity in the stake, so I directed the meeting and the Elder's Quorum President presided. Our friends from the other ward had to come with their baptisms also because there was no water in their chapel.

It's getting harder to write in English. I'm translating from Spanish sometimes. I've had a couple dreams in Spanish, where I came home and talked to mom and Tía Patti.

Okay, so we had all the baptisms in our small little chapel. We didn't have a microphone because we couldn't get into the bishop's office. But we did just fine. The mom of Karla y Simone asked me to sing "How Great Thou Art". I sang it acapella. This family had an older son about my age who died two years ago in a car accident. He was the only other member of the family who got baptized with the mom 14 years ago. So she was really happy, she doesn't like to show it though, haha. We will help them bring the love of the Gospel and eternal families back into their lives.

We're also going to teach another family in which the parents are members but the kids are not. The parents went inactive 12 years ago because the dad got back into drinking. That is a big problem here. But he is excited to get his family back into the church and we are going to bring the Gospel back into their home and get the two kids baptised. Success in the mission field comes from working hard and not stopping. I will always appreciate the examples of hard work from my family.

We want to move into the boundaries of our ward. We met an inactive member who owns some really nice apartments so we are going to talk with him tonight. We are going to have to get him to drop the price, haha.

It was really nice to hear about how everything is going. That's really cool about Michael crowning Spencer. My memories from how hard I physically worked in high school football and volleyball pushed me to walk faster and be more alert here in the mission field. My experience from BYU and chemical engineering push me to study better and more effectively and learn faster and retain what I learn. Like President Eyring said in conference "if you have a calling from the Lord you have been prepared for it". I know the Lord has prepared me to serve him here. I just have to accept His will and let him work through me. Sometimes my will gets in the way and I stop my progress. We must let Him help us grow. Accept challenges as a way to get stronger. This is the only true church with the authority and it is our duty as members to share the gospel through WORD and EXAMPLE. Both of them.

I love you all. We are going to have a good week. Always pray for me to have the strength to let the Lord help me get better. I will pray for you.

Elder Johnson

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