Monday, November 28, 2011

New Companion!

So Tuesday we had training with our President. I was so happy to see familiar faces, especially the office missionaries and zone leaders and assistants. Me llevo bien con ellos. Our zone leader called us over and gave us the news. Elder Ludlam was getting transfered to Cuenca. I would be receiving an Elder Alvarez coming from Cuenca. Like a switch. We finished the amazing training and had to rush home to pack all of his stuff and get to the bus terminal. We had just relaxed for the next change and were not expecting a transfer. But I got my new companion that night and we only had time to meet with Bishop with my companion and a few other people.

Elder Alvarez is from Honduras. He is really cool, newer in the mission too. He entered in April. We are both happy with the transfer and are sure that it was inspired. We are both excited to do a lot here in Amazonas 2. I can't imagine me leaving here, honestly. It is definitely getting hotter. I've got two colors on my neck. White and tan. I still think it is so funny that my white friends call me Latino and my Latino friends call me white. Things haven't changed here with that. But I was happy when Elder Alvarez told me he likes my accent. He was talking to our ward mission leader about it and they said they thought I had a year when they heard me. Hopefully it will be better by the time I get to talk to you guys. It's funny because I can't turn it off now. I used to be able to zone the Spanish out if I didn't want to understand but now I can't really, well if they aren't mumbling. I've still got to work on vocabulary, that's where I'm lacking. It was funny because my new companion was talking about my accent with one of the families we eat with and they were laughing because they said that at first I didn't speak much and couldn't speak hardly anything unless it was about the gospel. Which is true, my words come from the scriptures and church magazines. Which is good.

I'm really happy with my new companion. Happy that he's Latino because that helps me with Spanish and culture. And happy that he's relatively new, because we can drop whatever expectations previous missionaries have and the sky is the limit. We want to be perfectly obedient to have the right to the Spirit and power, but we can already notice the adversary has decided to work harder too.

Love you all,
Elder Johnson

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