Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Mami no me digas que Jenna Bellita llora me hace llorar también jaja. ¡les quiero a todos! Me pueden conseguir los emails de los dos otros elder Johnson's? Muy amable, haha.

Wow, can't believe I just finished my second change in the field. It was a lot harder than the first. There is quite a difference in having a Latino companion and having an American. We aren't sure if there are going to be changes yet, the President does them on Wednesdays I think. so we'll see if I stay here in Amazonas 2 or if I leave. I had a dream that I was leaving last night. I didn't recognize the name of the place where I was going but I was excited. Most probably I will stay here with Elder Ludlam, but we'll see.

The ward here is improving a lot. The Priesthood is stepping up and working with the less actives more. We have a nice little group of people that help us leave on Sunday and gather all the people to go to church. I've been told by people that my spanish has also improved a lot. I hope to sound more fluent by the time I talk to you guys in December. That's the 6 month mark!

The time here goes by way too fast. I feel sad when I know we've lost time. We actually don't knock doors a lot. I don't know how you picture my day but I'll explain a bit:

So walking out of our house I'm hit in the eyes by the bright sun and sometimes a nice cool breeze. I look down the street and see the Catholic cathedral that dominates the street corner where we are headed to enter our sector. The streets are buzzing with lots of people and there are tents selling whatever kind of little thing you want from cell phone chargers to clothes and food and shoes. You can even find a Book of Mormon laid out to be sold. They don't know what they're selling. Haven't been able to talk to one of those vendors about the worth of the book yet.

We've got plenty of recent converts to visit and re-teach their lessons. Also a good amount of investigators and names of people we can teach. We make our way through the crowds smiling and waving at people as we go. I try to make eye contact and smile with as many people as I can searching for some feeling inside me that tells me to speak. We keep walking and the crowd thins and we are just passing a person or two as we walk. Eye contact, the feeling, it hits! "Hola ¿Como está amigo?" I start the conversation and get to know that person. If a person looks at me in the eyes and smiles back its a good sign that they are open to talk. The Spirit backs my own feeling up and I get the certeza that I need to talk to that person. We do this as we walk to our first appointment. The day goes on like that until it's over. Around 4 the weather cools down. It's nice to be in a house teaching during the hot hours of 2pm and 3pm. Lots of conversations on the street are started by a person shouting something out in English so I respond in English, see the confused look on their face, then laugh with them and speak in Spanish.

The people here are genuine for the most part. I really love them. I've got some really good friends in the men of this ward and with some investigators. I'm really good friends with a Colombian who owns a corner market. He gives us free juice every once in a while. Bottled juice, don't worry. He's got a really nice family but is pretty dedicated to his Cristiano church. His pastor told him we are dangerous but he says he doesn't feel that way.

I love my mamitas. Especially the one that washes my clothes. Sister Mejillones. She folds them so nicely and with love. The first time I received my clothes back I was so surprised I almost cried at how nice my clothes came back. I bought a pair of slacks in the store here for cheap. They were 30 in the waist and 36 length. I lost some weight, haha. Anyways I put them in my dirty clothes and they came back hemmed! She is so nice. She measured them with my other pants and hemmed them for me :) Her dog followed us all the way home once.

I had a dream I was leaving here, not sure how I feel about it. Vamos a ver.

I loved the candy so much!


Send more dear elders! Takes a month to get a package and a week or two for letters so keep that in mind. This is my home right now and I feel at home. I only miss you guys, my family, and our love for each other. It's something I want to teach the families here to have.

Les quiero mucho,
Elder Johnson

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