Monday, November 21, 2011

Growing Faith

It's a feeling. To feel your faith grow. I love it. It is more clear to me now than ever before how necessary Christ is in our lives. The Book of Mormon is the cornerstone of our religion. Have you heard that before? There shouldn't be any doubt with anyone who has done any research at all about the Book of Mormon, that it is a true record. Knowing that fact, do you realize the power we can draw from that? Real power. Everything I am learning in my studies can be applied here in the mission field. The miracles, the healings, the baptisms... Pondering is a central aspect to let your faith grow. I say let your faith grow for a reason. Read Chapter 32 of Alma and I think you may understand better. When we submit to the influence of the Spirit, the will of the Lord, our faith grows. And we realize all the things we've been doing wrong. Repentance becomes a daily necessity and we begin to rely more and more upon our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is said that there is milk and meat when it comes to gospel knowledge, and that the meat is left to those with the exercised ability to discern between good and bad. A simple concept. simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. To learn to discern between the good and bad and then to choose the good. Do this daily and in a month you will see your progress. Don't be satisfied with your state, no one is perfect and we all have a ways to go as followers of Christ.
That had to come out, thanks for listening, haha. This week has been amazing. I'm still here with Elder Ludlam in Amazonas 2. Here is a picture of him and I showing my checkmate, he wasn't happy to lose, haha:


We are building our friendship and having more of the Spirit in our lessons. Had some really great lessons this last week and we will have a baptism this Saturday. Thank you for your prayers. I'd love to hear from my little siblings. Wow, can't believe it's already going to be Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for all of you. Do you know how great our family is? We have so much more than other people. I am trying my best to bring this gospel into the homes of these families here in Guayaquil. The first step is to gain their trust as a genuine friend and that starts with a smile. Thanks for paying for braces :)

I hope you are all growing in the faith. Don't be weary of good works. Talk to you soon!

Elder Johnson

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