Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quite a Week

Dear Family,
Well this week was hard, I mean physically and emotionally hard. But we ended on a spiritual high so you don´t have to think it's still hard and I'm not happy or anything.
La Hna Carmen used her agency and decided not to get baptized the Saturday of her baptism. My birthday. We did everything we could. She is a mom, 50 years or so. She's had some hard things happen to her in life, and she now wants to be "free" to have fun and do what she wants now that her kids are older. Men are free to choose between eternal life from the great Mediator or misery and captivity according to the misery and captivity of the devil, for he seeks that all men be miserable like he is. That hit us hard, her decision. My body was kind of drained, for some reason I woke up sore the past few days. So this was Saturday. Lets go back now to earlier in the week.

Monday night we were called and told we had a training for the senior companions. I was really excited to go and learn from the Pres first hand and from all the older missionaries. I felt left out the last couple times when my other companions went and I had to stay at home with the other junior companions, haha. So I took good notes to be able to share with my companion. The training was great. And it was Tuesday morning, and also Thursday and Friday. Wednesday morning was district meeting, and it was cool to see my friend again there. So in the training we talked and learned about the techniques to help someone accept a baptismal date. I really liked how our Pres stressed how to make the problem theirs and help them find the solution for themselves. these are just great principles for everything. It reminded me a lot of the techniques I learned with Uncle Jerry's work thing.

So I know the Lord answers my prayers. This area is rough. There hasn't been real missionary work for a good year. And it affects everything. I don't think we realize how much the missionary work in our ward affects the spiritual state of the ward. Spiritual influence is real. If you want people to get active, get active on missionary work. It will bring a spirit to the land that will influence the lives of people and the way things play out. By the faith of a few the spirit of the Lord can be poured out on a ward and just affect everything in the best way possible. I regret not really working with the missionaries in Sunland Ward. Learn from this! Read the last couple of verses of James in the Bible.

So there were spiritual boosts coming back from the trainings this week and then the punch to the gut on Saturday. Sunday was a bright day of hope as we brought a few good people to church and gained the trust of a father of a family we want to teach. Then we did our weekly planning. This was right after lunch, before the good lessons that we had where we got in more with the dad of familia Loor. This planning session made the difference. I know Elder McRae was supposed to be my companion. We both felt the spirit give us peace and inspiration to start new here again with a new drive. We both want to be able to come home from the mission as men of God like the paintings of Book of Mormon prophets and missionaries.

I know this is the only true church, there are no other options, no other condiciones of salvation. One needs to humble himself and read the Book of Mormon, ponder the message it contains of the Savior and "receive" the answer from God. Like in the comfirmation prayers we must "receive" the Holy Ghost. Be humble. Accept the will of the Lord in our lives and be happy. I am so excited for the next week of perfect obedience and great results. This is what we have planned at least, haha.

Love you all so much. Don't forget to read the Book of Mormon everyday right when you wake up! That's what I do now.

Elder Johnson

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