Monday, January 9, 2012

Lots of Blessings

A few things:
  • 50+ people in Sacrament meeting. A 500% increase :)
  • We will have a baptism this week.
  • I got the Christmas package. I loved it. It was perfect. The tie is nice. The peanut butter cookies are perfect and I can't wait to break my fast to that jerky. I love you guys so much and that package was great. I have our family picture on the entrance table with the mini-tree and ornaments. The other elders like it. 
I live with my companion Elder McRae, and the elders from the other ward that meets in the same building as us. Elder Curtis and Elder Tait. Elder Curtis looked familiar to me and I looked familiar to him but we don't know how. He has one transfer less than me like my companion. My friend, Elder Nilsen, just got transferred into my zone so I will see him tomorrow for the first time at the district meeting! They just changed the assistants too so Elder Duarte won't be there because he is finishing his mission but he will be my district leader so that's so cool! I love watching good elders teach. It would be so amazing to see our Saviour teach, when he had 20 years. I can't believe I'm turning 20, gosh.

Okay, so this week was full of miracles. I don't have time to write about every one, and I need to do better in my journal, but I will relate a few experiences. First, don't ever miss an opportunity to answer a question. I have no fear of walking up to any person and talking about the church, and until last night, I really had never had anyone tell me to go away in a mean way (the person was a little drunk I think).

We were really blessed to find to families where the parents are already married. That just takes a huge obstacle out of the way. We have been praying for the Lord to pour out His Spirit here and soften the hearts of the people. We will have a baptism this week of a girl named Carolina, and the next week of her mom Carmen. There are 2 other possibilities for the 21 and 4 for the 29. We can bring a lot of fruit to Christ. That's why I was called. John 15:16

Ohhh yeah, I wanted to shout thanks to you for sending me that Ensign too in the package. And the picture of the first vision. And the card with the prophets. They are so nice.

The Book of Mormon is so powerful. The iron rod is the word of God. We need to hold to the rod continually. That means we need to read continually, even a little. But continually. Those who clung to the rod and tasted the fruit fell away. They had spurts of going to church and being obedient and reading the scriptures, but they weren't consistent. A good setter in volleyball has to be consistent. Consistency with God. That is persevering to the end. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I am so happy to hear you are reading and keeping up with the class and reading with the kids. These little things will have a huge impact.
I love you all. Te quiero mami. Thank you for making and helping us be consistent with church attendance, school grades and everything. It is an important principle.

Elder Johnson

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