Monday, January 16, 2012

La Única Doctrina Verdadera

Dear Family,

So we did a lot of finding this week. We also had our baptism :) We had done a fast the last Sunday to be able to find legally married families to be able to teach. One of the big challenges here is marriage. The country recently raised the price of marriage from $6 to $50. Minimum wage here is like $10 on a full day's work so this presents a challenge. But we decided to have the faith that the Lord has already been preparing people for us and we'd be able to find them through faith and obedience. We were really happy to find 6 families where the parents are already legally married. A technique came to my mind when thinking of how we would be able to find these people. We don't live in the nicest neighborhood, so we decided to go to the houses that were neater and nicer and cleaner. The nicest houses in the sector sure enough had the nicest looking families with legal marriage. The Lord blesses us when we keep His commanments. Now we've just got to get into their houses and teach them the restored gospel. We just finished a fast to speak better Spanish and know what to teach them. There is a difficulty in changing some of the mindsets but I know it's possible. I have been blessed to see and notice the mind of someone being illuminated to the truth with the restored Gospel. We want to baptize familes, not just their kids. There is only one path that leads us to salvation. Alma 11.

I love you guys so much. Hope everything is going well. I just barely remembered I'll be turing 20 this Saturday. We might have a baptism. That'd be a great present.

Les quiero!
Elder Johnson

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