Thursday, July 7, 2011

One week until flight to Peru MTC

(Jacob is serving his mission in Ecuador however their MTC is in Peru, so he will be there for a few weeks.)

I leave July 13th from Salt Lake Airport on Delta Flight #1972 at 11am and arrive in Lima Peru on Delta Flight #151 at 11:10pm. I have a layover in Atlanta, Georgia. If anyone would like to come and see me off from Salt Lake you are more than welcome to come :)

This last week seems to have gone by really fast. I'm seeing a lot of guys I knew from BYU here so it's cool to see them and say hi. 

I know that this work is the Lord's work. I taught the first lesson kind of shakily in Spanish the other day, haha. We will teach it again this Saturday in Spanish. It's getting better, it's just hard to decide on what to study so you just have to sit down and start studying something or nothing gets done. 

The gym is closed for 10 days so I wont be able to play indoor volleyball anymore, haha. I get a lot of hello's walking around the MTC from guys that played with me there and they still say I'm a beast. A guy broke his ankle really badly in the gym a couple days ago playing basketball. I already promised I wouldn't play basketball so I haven't. 

I have been doing the MTC Choir since being here. One of the directors is Brother Brenchley. He is one of the guys who is the host at the Heritage Festivals for Vannaires every year! (Vannaires is the Van Nuys High School Choir) Haha, tell Spencer to tell Mrs. Gamboa. He said to tell her Hi and that he remembers her name, Nadine Gamboa, haha. He kind of remembered my solo from two years ago and was happy I came up and said Hi to him. It was cool, I always kind of thought he was LDS seeing him four years in a row.

Sorry for stressing, it's the dumb clock at the top of my screen clicking down with 2 minutes left and then I dont hear anything for a week. I love you guys and miss you but I know what I am doing is right and a blessing for us all. I can't wait to talk to you in Spanish at Christmas! The next time I email you will be from Peru! Love you so much everyone. I am excited to focus on the work. 

I sleep all the way through the nights now. No more waking up at 3 or 4, haha. I sent Michael a present and birthday card to our house to get when he comes home.
Les Quiero Much
Elder Johnson


  1. I'm following you.
    -Kenny Mai

  2. YEEE good to hear brotha! i'm followin' your buttocks too.
    -Arman Chalaganyan