Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Distinct Impression

Only one week left with Elder Cabrera as my companion. We are really good teachers together, he's a really smart guy. Because he's such a talker, we had to talk about some things but our companionship is stronger because of it.

Went to the Temple again today and did the session in all Spanish. Getting better! I understand the whole thing pretty much so that's nice. I bought this nice hard leather scripture case for my English scriptures that will protect them nicely. I also bought a Book of Mormon in Quechua that I want to send to Michael Breton. I´ll send it to you guys when I get to Ecuador and you can forward it to him sometime, I know he's interested in that language and I dont know if I'll run into another Book of Mormon in that language.

I'm realizing that the reason why I have had/might have some challenges is because some elders lack focus and lack the desire to work. During our District Counsel I spoke to them about the situation very kindly, and it reminded me of Dad. Thank you Dad for your great example of how to handle difficult situations and deal with kids(people) who have a lack of focus. I take from your example the way you would deal with kids in boy scouts, I was watching you and it works out here too. The elders told me they loved how I approached the issue and respected me for it.

Thank you mom for teaching me how to forgive and forget and move on. I feel my district is ready to be more focused and hopefully I won't have to remind us to study during study time. During my personal study I am studying the new testament from Acts to the end because I've only read the gospels and revelations before. I'm finding a lot of scriptures with great missionary application that I am using in our teaching practices.

We went tracting this last Saturday! The the eastern part of Lima Barrio kind of like East Los Angeles, haha. We walked around and taught and talked to a few people. On the last street, I was with my companion and our maestra (teacher), and she said to pick one last door. I felt a distinct impression and heard the voice of the spirit in spanish tell me to go to the one on the right and I went. I knocked, and a man, probably around 28 years old, answered. I did the introduction and told him we wanted to share a message about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can bless his life and family. He said okay! He let us in and we taught the whole lesson of the restoration to him. I spoke a lot and recited the first vision in Spanish. We didn't have a Book of Mormon to give him but he agreed to go to church the next day and to pray about what we taught. He also agreed to be baptized if he found out the things to be true!

I know the spirit told me to go to his door and that he has been prepared by the Lord. May we always have the Spirit with us so we may act upon the promptings to share this gospel with God's children. It really is our responsibility, we have so much more than other people around the world. I often think about all my brothers. I pray for you all every day. I wish I could have my brothers out here with me learning Spanish and preaching the gospel with the spirit. We would all be such great companions! Why isn't there a brother program? Like the Sons of Mosiah, only the sons of Edward? Haha, I know we have to move on with life but it's still cool to think about.

I want to get better every day and it is possible for us all to get better every day. I love hearing from you too. I got your Dearelder, Dad. I got it on the 23rd so it took maybe 6 days? I love those letters because I can read them at night. I want you to send my love to the ward too. This last Sunday we sang Oh God the Eternal Father. I think the last time I sang it was in our ward and I just remembered that and felt love for everyone there. So send me the addresses and send them my love. I'm gonna send my testimony in Spanish sometime. I'm getting better at Spanish. Well my time is up, sorry no one wrote something specific to reply to. But I love you all! Love you, mamita.

Les Quiero,
Elder Jacob Johnson


  1. Jacob!
    Really great post. I was wondering how you were doing because Hammond and Fetzer came by the other day just to visit. I can't believe you're even allowed to have a blog!

    I thought it was awesome and very interesting that you found a quechua book of mormon. My grandpa knew how to speak quechua because he did business with people from the mountains, and at the time it was pretty common to know both languages if you did those kinds of jobs.

    Anyway, I am just glad to hear you're doing good and taking care of business. I hope everything goes well for the guy who said that he'd go to church and get baptized if he believed what you guys said.

    May the force be with you,

  2. @Stewart, Jacob just sends us an email every week - actually Alondra is the one who put the blog together. She's done a great job!