Saturday, July 16, 2011

¡Hola! from Perú

Estoy aquí en el CCM en Lima. We didn't arrive until like 2am and then customs wasn't done until like 3am almost. We finally got to the CCM around 3:30am last night. Today has been very relaxed though. We woke up and met our companions a little bit more than the few words we shared very early this morning: Me: "Hola, soy Elder Johnson." He looked at me kind of half asleep and said "Mi compañero entonces." and put his head back under his blanket and went to sleep. It was pretty funny. If Michael was here we'd be laughing at something almost all day haha, if any of my brothers were here...

I like it a lot though. The morning came quick, and after a quick interview with Presidente Whetton, an American with some good spanish skills, we were allowed to go to breakfast. We don't have to stick by our companions at all today because our schedules are different since we got in really late. For breakfast I had some of this yellow juice that tasted like a mix of orange and lemonade. It was really good. Some of the gringos said to balance out the juice and the rice. One makes you flow while the other clogs you up! I've been fine so far.

After breakfast we went straight to get our heads buzzed! I might be able to send you a picture. But the guy left me with a little bit to work with. He gave me some tiny bangs and a fade instead of just a straight buzz like some other elders got. Maybe it's because I told him my mom "es de Arequipa".

Do people from Lima not like people from Arequipa? I got that feeling a little bit from a few people I talked to. The flight attendant on the plane said something about Areqipaños having two passports and laughed. I was confused, haha.

Any word on my camera charger and temple recommend? Maybe the recommend can just be sent in the mail? Or should I tell someone here and I can get issued a new one? I might be able to buy a camera charger here. They said to tell parents not to send packages because custom charges and taxes and such are expensive. And letters should have my mission name on them. I haven´t gotten the address yet but I´ll work on that.

Oh yeah, my companion is from Nicaragua, Elder Cabrera. I was having a hard time understanding that he was asking me if I had my "llaves" this morning because he says "javes", haha. My ears are tuning in more though. And I practice rolling my R's off of every vowel throughout the day. My accent is getting better, people think I just know spanish with what I do say, haha.

I was so happy to see mis tias at the SLC airport, haha. My prayers that they would know I was getting there 3 hours earlier were answered so I think it was okay. I'm not homesick at all so it (seeing them) didn't affect me negatively. They are so sweet, Patti, Lula, y Elsa. Dales mi amor. Well, write me back and I´ll come check in later. The email rules are a little more lax here.

¡Les Quiero MUCHOOO!,
Elder Johnson

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