Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adios Elder Cabrera

Okay, so I had to say goodbye to my companion this week. We went proselyting this last Saturday together. We were on a bus driving to an area that is in the Peru Lima North Mission. I was looking out the windows and looking at the people and life going on and just thinking that we should have a loudspeaker on the bus proclaiming the gospel. The drivers here are so crazy by the way, haha. I saw a bus driver catching some sleep while waiting behind another car. He probably has to work all day... so while we were driving I looked down one street and saw a little girl on her pink little bike chasing her little dog down the sidewalk and laughing and smiling. It made me smile and laugh so much and think of Jenna chasing Daisy (our dog) around. People are the same everywhere. It made me miss jenna and jonathan and appreciate the time I had with them before I left.

We tracted all the way up toward the mountain and the mountain was green! There's so much mist all the time you cant tell from afar. I got a lot of practice doing the introduction and introducing our message. The last door we got invited into was by a whole family! This man had such a hard life but so much faith in God and Christ and you could just tell. We taught the whole first lesson and I spoke a lot. All this noise and distraction from outside and inside the house literally came out of nowhere as I started to testify and recite the First Vision. The adversary is real. This family was prepared by the Lord. It's too bad that they didn't understand the need for authority as much and thought every church was good. But they accepted Books of Mormon, the commmittment to read, and pray. It was a good day and a good last day of teaching with Elder Cabrera.

He snuck back to our room the morning they left really early. I had woken up just before 6 to see if they left yet and was getting on a white shirt and missionary clothes to go check, just as I finished buttoning my shirt he walked and and we hugged and said goodbye and good luck.


He taught me a lot and I think I taught him too. I'll get my new companion tomorrow. Today we are touring the city. I sent a letter to Alondra's address with something for everyone.

(Jacob sent me about 20 photos! I have posted all pictures from Provo MTC below and plan to post all Peru MTC photos later this week!)

Love you all!
Elder Johnson

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