Monday, October 10, 2011


Don't confuse that with Chevy, though that is the car most driven down here in good ol´ Guayaquil. I think I will just have enough time for this email, sorry mamita, te quiero muchisimo. I appreciate hearing about you guys, I can't believe how much is happening. It's weird to think how long I've been gone. "Chevre" is a word only used here and means like "cool, awesome, sweet" so pretty much everything here is chevre. Haha.

I'll start from Monday. Dropped off Elder Alveño at a curb with another Elder who would be going home and said bye right there. I tried to give him a hug but he didn't take it, haha he was kind of a serious guy. It was comical. We took a cab and got to the terminal to meet the new companion, and as you know, it was Elder Ludlam from Washington state.

We started our work. It fell on me to direct the sector since I was the only one who knew where to go. I was so blessed to see everthing kind of fall into place. We had really great lessons and I commited 5 people to baptism. I can really feel the Spirit when I teach, it's a love and joy you really can't deny. Jacob 1:8 is awesome. I had my class with the members yesterday. Shared a lot of scriptures with them and got them excited to help in the work. "Gracias por recordarnos de nuestros deberes como miembros de la Iglesia de Jesucristo." one Hermana told me after. Haha, I wish you could hear my Spanish. I feel like I should have been able to speak my whole life, thank you for my genes mami :)

Little miracles happen every day here. The first day with my companion here we literally ran into someone from the church or an investigator at every turn. Sometimes I wasn't really sure where I was walking, haha.
I walk by faith not sight!

We had our two baptisms this week for Moroni and Douglas... 102_0460

And the 3 confirmations adding Elkin. Ages 13, 13, and 9. Moroni was named that because he was born in the church, but his mom had some big problems with people and hasn't been active for 12 years. She would never give the permission for him to be baptized because she didn't want her son to be a hypocrite in the church. Also he is a little hyper, so she said he's never been ready enough for a baptism. Well, the first miracle was her giving us the permission to prepare him for baptism. That was with Elder Alveño. Second miracle was the day before the baptism she didn't want to go through with it. I don't know what I said to her. Really I just told her the truth. I told her that I know Moroni has changed a bit since we've taught him. I told her we weren't going to stop teaching him after the baptism. I told her I could teach her son how to be a good son to his mom. I told her my mom taught me how to be a good son, and that I would teach Moroni to be a good son to her. She works all day for them, dad not there, and really she just has a lot to deal with. But she accepted. And told me I have a gift to convince. I feel with every fiber of my heart that the Lord directs this work and if we would just open up our mouths and say what is in our heart, so many more people would come unto Christ and participate in the goodness of God.

This week will be another week of miracles. Sorry I couldn't write a bunch but thank you for your prayers and letters. I do like letters. And Jenna looks so pretty :)

Les quiero mucho,
Elder Johnson

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