Thursday, August 11, 2011

MTC Miracles

I only have one more Preparacion day here in Peru before I leave to Ecuador! It's crazy and exciting. My new companion is such a nice guy and I'm really blessed to have him as a companion. He is from Huancayo and is 23. His name is Elder Christian Lorenzo.

So, I wanted to share a couple cool miracles that I've already been blessed with here. It may not seem like much but I wanted to share. A couple weeks ago I forgot my scriptures in my classroom one night when I went up to our rooms. The classroom building is the same as the dormitory building, the classes are on the first floor. The classroom doors had already been locked. But I checked and my class door was the only one open! I got my scriptures to read that night :) The same thing happened one other night when I was helping my old companion, Elder Cabrera. He was having trouble and was up in our room. He said he left all his stuff in his class and really wanted it, he seemed kind of distressed. So I went down and saw the lady had just got to the end of the hall after locking all the doors, but I didn't stop walking and just opened his class door and got his stuff. She saw me come out and was like "How did you get in?".

The Lord is aware of even our littlest problems. This morning at breakfast there was this reddish juice that looked like it could have been really good or really bad. I got a full glass. First sip before my prayer on the food: Really Bad. During my prayer I asked that I would be blessed to like the juice. Surely someone in this country liked the juice, haha. I didn't drink the juice during the meal until I had finished my food. Then at the very end, I decided to chug it. To my surprise it tasted like a delicious strawberry-banana drink, haha! I was happy. I've also had some fish a few times that I liked. I know my taste buds can adapt if I have faith. However, I did open my peanut butter the other day and spooned down a bunch, haha.

There are so many miracles here in the mission field. As a missionary, I have the opportunity to learn at a faster rate than I ever have before. I just need to put in the focus and have faith. I'm blessed with a district who respects study time. I sang a cool musical number with an elder, an acapella mix of Señor te Necesito and Más cerca Dios de Ti. I think I'm going to sing Here Am I in Spanish before I leave. Everyone knows me as a singer because I sing all over the place. Some of the elders ask me to sing when I see them, haha. Also, there's a new elder in the new group that is really good at piano.

I've finished through Efesios in the New Testament and am finding a lot of good missionary scriptures to use. I also want to read through the BoM in Spanish before I leave but that is going to be hard. But nothing is too hard with the Lord on my side. I am so happy being here. The only thing that makes me happier is knowing I have my loving family back home and thinking about you all. I regret not sharing this gospel more with my friends in high school. But there will be time. I love you all. Love you, brothers. Love you, sisters. Love you, tias and tios. Love you, dad. Te quiero, mom. I hope you are all being blessed. We are all so blessed when we take a moment to be grateful.

Elder Jacob Johnson

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