Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stay close to the Spirit FOREVER

Muy buenas tardes,

Me toca escribir muchos correos en español a diferentes personas que trabajan por la iglesia. Hay muchos miembros aqui en latino america que trabajan por la iglesia. Seria bueno, no tener que preocuparse de nada solo trabajo y iglesia, haha. Pero yo no creo que yo vaya a trabajar por la iglesia, no pagan bien. Me veo trabajando en alguna impresa de energia mientras estudio y busco una solución a muchos de los problemas de energia. Despues doy la tecnologia a la iglesia gratis para las capillas y el nuevo Jerusalen. Hahaha. Wow tengo buenos amigos aqui en la mision. Yo veo a Elder Josh Nilsen como una vez a la semana a menos. Es increible que estamos aqui en la misma mision. Yo se que seremos amigos despues. Tambien con Elder Alex P. Carnese. El es super bueno. Hay nuevos asistentes tambien y so buenos amigos. Elder Camren Applegate de utah y Elder Zuleta de Quito Ecuador. Tambien Elder Jativa tambien es de Quito. Ya tengo personas con quien quedarme cuando venga a visitar. 

Un gran deseo mio ahorita es llevar mas fruto a Dios por medio de las personas que se bautizan y se confirman. Estamos viendo que podemos tener 8 bautismos el mes de Julio. O mas. Pedro bautizo a 3mil personas en un dia. El Libro de Mormon habla de misioneros que bautizaron a mas que 100 en un dia. Si esta alli en el libro es porque es posible. No hay que dudar. El Señor vive y esta es su iglesia. Estoy en tierra prometida con personas que estan preparadas. Oren para que yo tenga la sensibilidad al Espiritu para reconocer los escogidos en la calle. 

Well, maybe that's enough Spanish. I don't know if you'll all be able to understand. What's important is that I am picking up the pace as a missionary. I have a little more energy now. There is a lot to learn still, but I can start by teaching other people what I do know and helping them make their first covenant with God. I am really excited to keep working. It's not that things are going easy, every day is a new challenge. But I am happy to keep learning something new every day. I wonder if the rest of my life can be like this. Learning something new every day. I refuse to say that it can't be like that. Why do people say that this is the only time in my life when I can be so close to the spirit? I don't think that is correct. Wouldn't that mean it was all for naught? Maybe it's just the way I am but I don't like the idea of lowering or lessening any part of the good things I am learning and doing. What do you think of that? A mi me parace correcto.

We can all apply the things we already know. Simple things. Small and simple things. By doing those things, great things are brought to pass. So many times we have the right answer but we just fight it off looking for an easier way. Like what dad said to me about shortcuts. There are none. We must all pass through the refining fire of the converting power of the Atonement and Holy Ghost and stay in communion with Christ for as long as we can until we die. And then we keep learning. We just need to teach these simple principles with love to those we love and we can live and learn and grow together. I am so happy to have the family I do have. we are all going to make it together. What joy! :)

Well I'd love to hear how you are all doing and I'd be glad to give advice or commentary on anything. I'm doing push ups like Michael told me, hahaha. Have a good week.


Elder Johnson

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