Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Jenna

My dear sister Jenna Belle Johnson,

Your name is the name of a princess. You were my first and only little sister. I remember when you were first born, we were all so excited to see you and were a little bugged that we had to wait until July 4th to see you the first time. I remember being really surprised that you had so much hair, and you didn't cry but let all of us hold you. Michael was the best at holding you and didn't let us hold you as much but we were patient. I then remember one night where all of us brothers stayed in the living room with you until late so that mom could rest. You fell asleep on Christian's chest I think and we all kind of fell asleep on what were our new couches at the time. It was the first time I saw you yawn so big that it scared me because you looked like a little cute monster growling. I remember when you walked for the first time to each one of us as we all kneeled around mom and dad's bed, you were so happy to be walking and laughed as you fell into each of our arms. I remember when you came to visit me at BYU and I was so happy to see you and Jonathan, it was the first time I had left you for a long time. You are becoming such a little woman, a true princess of God. Remember that a Princess is nice to everyone and is friends with everyone, especially her brothers who love and protect her. I carried you to bed every night for my last years in High school as we shared a room, haha. Remember when you fell from the top bunk and I caught you? It was a blessing that I was there on the floor. I was stretching out my back that was really sore and tight from football I think. I am happy to have had that back problem just so I could be in the right place at the right time to catch you when you fell. I will always be there to protect you my dear little sister. And remember that you now have the Holy Ghost to protect you and help you learn. Read your scriptures and help mom in the house in cleaning and cooking. Have a happy Birthday! And be safe always. I love you so much.

Your big brother number 3,
Elder Jacob H. Johnson

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