Tuesday, September 20, 2011

La Fe lleva la acción

We had the baptism set and ready, the font filled, but the family never showed up. We later found out that a range of problems occured that day. The baby got sick and they had to take her to the clinic, a co-worker of the dad's had died, and Elkin, the boy, thought he had to have a white button up to be baptized so they went to buy one. We'll have his service this next Saturday along with the brother of Maicol who became a member 3 weeks ago. His little brother's name is Cristian, haha. Funny, huh? He has a 16 yr old sister we are also teaching, and then the grandma and after that the dad.

There really are people that are prepared to accept the Gospel. They are almost waiting for it. There are others who are given the opportunity and really they just have to make the choice to accept it or not. They could go either way but it's not like they were searching for anything. Then there are people who need the Gospel, they need the peace and joy that it brings, and the salvation. But these people have habits that take away their agency. They don't want to change because they don't think they can. Those are sad.

I'm here to preach repentance through the atonment of Jesus Christ. It's hard to see people that know what we teach is true but don't want to change. But that's where faith comes in. Faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Faith that we can move on and repent. Turn from the bad and walk in the good. La Fe lleva la acción (Faith takes action). Fe is the symbol for iron. My chemistry buddies (Megan Conley & Michael Devonas shout out!) should know that. In Spanish Fe is Faith. I like saying that there aren't coincidences in life. The people we meet, the things we learn, the lives we touch, it's all for a reason. and that reason can be for our good. Now the cool comparison is that the element Iron is one of the most reactive metals. This can be easily seen from all the rust. Iron reacts. Iron acts. Fe acts. Faith acts. James chapter 2 teaches us that faith without works is dead. As members of the church we need to act on what we know, what we feel. I gave a talk yesterday in church, in Spanish! I found out I was giving the talk right before the meeting. But I was prepared during my personal study that moring so it went great. This ward here has the chance to grow so much. We all just need a little more faith. Real faith, the kind that makes us act.

Alright so I'll tell you about my week. It was really successful. We taught 35 lessons in total, we did a few splits with members so we could teach more. We made 3 dates for baptism so that was cool. The mother of Nallely is going to be baptized! The dad is already a member so they are going to be one eternal family! That's what makes me happy. Maicol came out with us in our lessons a lot, but he won't be able to anymore because he found a job.
Mom, Elder Uceda does remember abuelito y abuelita of course. Do you remember him? That really was such a nice experience to talk with him. An interview with a 70!

So a normal day for me is:

6:30am. Wake up, prayer, and begin moving around like a zombie at first and slowly gaining speed until I'm nice and awake for daily shower etc. Oh and no hot water, haha.
8am. Peronsal study.
9-11am. Companion study, new program is two hours for 12 weeks.
12-1pm. First appoinment and plan B.
1pm. Lunch, mmmmm!
2pm. Try to leave on time and continue work.
9pm. Try to end on time and get home by 9:30pm.

A lot happens in that big gap of time. Every detail would be great, but no time to write about that. I am keeping a journal of my feelings, not so much the temporal. Trust in the Lord. That's my theme right now. Gotta have a theme! I love you all and feel your love.

Elder Johnson

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