Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If life got any better I'd already be in Heaven

This past week has been incredible, it is honestly too hard to put into words all of my feelings. I'll try to do what I can with the time I have.

Tuesday we had a Multi-Zone Conference. This way way cool because we had just had our Zone Conference on Friday. So the spiritual power was just flowing, haha. I saw a couple more of my friends from the CCM and MTC there so that reunion was really nice too. We learned a lot, just about being a good missionary in general. How we should act, study, talk, even what our letters to the family should consist of. I'm supposed to try to INSPIRE you guys. La fe lleva la acción (Faith takes action.). Oh yeah, and the AP, Elder Duarte, asked me to say the opening prayer, so that was cool. He told me something that really made me feel good. "God trusts you.", he said. The whole meeting I really felt the spirit and was meditating on what he had told me.

So my week started off great. I worked hard and walked fast the whole week as we taught some, retaught others, and had to stop teaching some. That is the part that is so hard for me. If we have to drop an investigator. I almost can't bring myself to do it because of the potential I see in these people and how they can become closer to our Savior. But that is a lack of faith in me, because I need to have faith that there are others out there who are prepared. They have ears to hear the word.

Dad, thanks for your scripture from Alma, I finally found it in Spanish, you forgot to give me the reference, haha. But I taught Alma 32 a lot this past week. Trying to help people understand how faith is like a seed, we need to nourish it every day.

The week went on and we kept preparing Brenlli Nalleli Salguero Mora for her baptism. She is 10 years old. Her sweet little voice reminds me of Jenna so liked teaching her a lot. I taught the Plan of Salvation a LOT this last week. Guess what helped me the most? The little wooden puzzle thing from Tia Patti so please send her my love and thanks.

I've been thinking the past week a lot on how to more effectively help someone feel the spirit and know that it's true. Alma 17:2-3 gives some advice. Have you ever fasted with a purpose? I have fasted now 3 times on my mission in the field and it has never been so easy in my life to fast. Easy in the sense that I am not hungry at all and don't have any thirst. Even though I'm walking and sweating a lot of the time. I have faith in the fast. I need some of these people to at least recognize the truth. Some prefer to stay in the traditions of their fathers. John 3:13-19 and 2 Nefi 25 teach us that only through Jesus Christ we can be saved, after all we can do. If that doesn't sound right read John 3:19 "Our works will judge us."

We had another baptism and confirmación! And Maicol Zambrano received the Priesthood. He brought his little brother Christian to church. It was so nice. After that we had a conference with an area 70, Elder Juan Uceda. We had a really special lesson analyzng DyC 4:2 and other things. He is from Lima, Peru.

(Not much time so skipping to the cool part.) After the fireside the other AP, Elder Fletcher, told me I would have an interview that night. Oh yeah, and I was asked to say the opening prayer at this meeting too! The interview turned out to be with the 70! How special is that?! When I got in the room for the interview I immediately felt the spirit and the first thing I told him was about mom and her family from Peru. He he knows them! He said he served in the Arequipa mission! He knows mom and Tia Patti and sends much amor! I couldn't believe it. He told me "Yo siento en mi corazón que va a ser un misionero poderoso. Siempre humilde, y muy obediente." I don't think I can decribe how special this was. He knows all about the San Fernando Valley. His childeren served there. His last words were that he hopes we see eachother soon. The church is true. There aren't coincidences like that. I love the Savior. I am too blessed.

Love you all,
Elder Johnson

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