Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking Forward with the Eye of Faith

This phrase had me thinking a lot this week. Well, in Spanish.
Hey I forgot to say thank you to Alondra and Kelli and TJ, I got your dearelders!

Dear Family,
I want to relate some great experiences I have had this week. I kind of spoiled myself. I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot chocolate and toast, and we had a baptism and confirmation.

Karol Silva was baptized and confirmed. She is 18 years old. One day a few weeks ago I was looking in the area folder and a name stood out. It said to talk to the Vallejo family and to contact the reference. We had lunch with them but they said they didn't know the reference. So instead of giving up we went looking. The first door I knocked on was answered by Karol. I asked her if she had listened to missionaries before and she said no. We left her with a pamphlet on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a meeting...

Gosh, I can't speak in English. Or write it.

We taught her and met the rest of her family. She was baptized and her mom will be baptized this Saturday. We have a goal of 5 baptisms this Saturday. Pray for everything to go well. This just shows that the Lord prepares the people and we just have to follow the Spirit. If I am being obedient and worthy, the feelings and impressions I get are from the Spirit. That is the faith I have. I know it's true. Learn to have that confidence with the Spirit. Life is great. I love it here.

So I spoiled myself and opened the other Jiffy creamy peanut butter. Sooo good. I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'm pretty sure I can count all of you with my two hands, just know that I am thankful. Especially my Mom and Christian.

MMmm hot chocolate and toast. Twice this week. Helped me sleep like a rock. The first time eating and drinking the hot chocolate I almost started crying because I began to think of Abuelita and how she ate her hot chocolate and toast. I felt her love. Did I tell you I had a dream where I talked to her in Spanish?

Let me tell you about a guy named Johnny. One afternoon Elder Ludlam and I are walking down a street. Big smile on my face as I look at the clear sky and sun...

"Hey, mister!" calls out a tall black guy.
I approach and Elder Ludlam follows.
"Hey, how's it goin?"
"Uh no sé jaja solo un poco ingles."
"No se preocupe amigo yo hablo los dos. ¿no ha hablado con misioneros antes?"
"No nada más que "hey mister" porque siempre siguen caminando."
"Bueno, ya es tiempo que escucha."

So this was a contact left with a pamphlet of the Restoration. We went back a few nights later for the visit but he wasn't there and there were just drunks there. We passed by another time a couple weeks later and he was there and we set a new visit. We passed by the next night for the visit and he wasn't there. Then weeks passed and I have a new companion and a couple nights ago we put him in our plans. We show up and he is there and we teach him the first lesson and he is golden. Persistence. Talk with everyone. I love this work.

Elder Johnson

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